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A LinkUSB emulates a Dallas B and a Dallas U.

You can find these directions here: These directions may be updated periodically so they will not be reproduced here. There are some typical problems and questions that are not covered completely by the Maxim documentation. These items are addressed below:.

1 wire driver

This must match the version of Java that you have installed. It is possible for a 32 bit version of Java to be installed on a 64 bit version of Windows. This will require you to put in a COM port number.

1 wire driver

If you are unsure of the COM port for your LinkUSB, please following the following steps:. Make sure the LinkUSB is plugged in and that Windows has found a driver. The driver should load automatically as it is included in the Windows distribution.

LinkUSB and 1-Wire Viewer

Find the Ports entry in the Device Manager and click the arrow to expand it. Note the COM number in parenthesis for this entry. It is possible for you to have a COM port number greater than If this occurs, use the following steps to change the COM port number for the LinkUSB. In the COM Port Number field at the top use the drop down to select a new COM port number equal to or less than 15 which is not marked as used.

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1 wire driver

These items are addressed below: If you are unsure of the COM port for your LinkUSB, please following the following steps: Click on Device Manager in the Computer Management application. Right clock on the USB Serial Port entry and choose Properties. Click on Port Settings and then the Advanced… button.

Click OK and also click OK on the Properties window. Unplug and reinsert the LinkUSB.

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