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Unable to find driver for this platform: "ACPI". Attempting to install 10.9.4

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Clover unable to find driver for this platform acpi

HELP Unable to Find Driver for this platform ACPI Issue self. I get the following kernel panic when I try and run the Clover install USB http: All you have to do is re-run the Clover installer on the boot stick and it will overwrite its previous installation.

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For your hardware you likely only need FakeSMC. You can add the appropriate LAN kext in there too, if you like.

Kernel Panic on Startup "unable to find driver for this platform: \"ACPI\".../IOPlatformExpert.cpp:

Once you pull those out, you might want to disable any DSDT fixes that Clover is applying. To get your iGPU to work, you want to Inject Intel via Clover, and you may need to set it as the initial display device in BIOS and even possibly pull out your other card - also, ensure that you have at least 64MB of VRAM allocated. Here are some pictures of the options I have: For context, this is the KP I get when I run without altering the DSDT mask settings: The Z97 platform should be pretty compatible OOB.

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Clover unable to find driver for this platform acpi

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Clover unable to find driver for this platform acpi

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