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У меня такое ощущение либо я как то не так пользуюсь этой программой, либо она реально не удаляет драйвера реалтек. Для чистого удаления видеодрайвера, - САМОЕ, ТО Никаких признаков старости XP, W7 - нормально Есть подробная СПРАВКА DriverCleanerDotNET. А как им вообще пользоваться то? Например я хочу удалить старые драйвера. Health check - Community suggested feature - The driver backup destination can now be changed before scanning.

Health check - Community suggested feature - The severity of outdated drivers has been redesigned to make it more clear. Localization - Improved the Italian translation. Health check - Improved the responsiveness of the interface. Health check - Improved the severity calculation for outdated drivers. Health check - Driver backup will no longer list all existing driver backups. This is now identical to missing drivers and outdated drivers. Health check - Driver backup could in some cases suggest to backup the same driver again. Driver family - The installed driver families option could occasionally not be remembered.

Interface - The menu would not show tooltips when a right-to-left language is used. Settings - Changing how Windows driver updates are installed could in some cases be ignored. Settings - The incorrect positioning of confirmation notifications. Settings - Changing the language could occasionally cause Driver Fusion to close unintentionally. Driver family - Community suggested feature - Added a lot of new driver family entries for AMD graphic cards, NVIDIA graphic cards and NVIDIA PhysX.

Driver Fusion is now again able to detect and delete everything of importance that is installed by their installers. Driver family - Improved the reliability and performance of searching and deleting driver family entries. Filipino Philippines , Irish Ireland , Sesotho sa Leboa South Africa , Sinhalese Sri Lanka , and Tajiki Afghanistan and Tajikistan. If you cancel while the installed driver families are loading, it will revert to all driver families. You can read more about it here. Нужно попробовать интересная прога. Неплохо, давно искал такую программу, чтоб корректно удалять не нужные остатки дров.

Впрочем, будем тестить, а там поглядим за полезность: Реально в раздаче ПЛАТНАЯ руб. Не очень разумею зачем фуфло подсовывают? Steam - The Tree Mulcher Steam achievement could occasionally cause Driver Fusion to close unintentionally. You can add new or delete existing destinations through the settings. Interface - Community suggested feature - The dialog screens and menu are redesigned to improve usability.

Settings - Community suggested feature - The settings have been completely redesigned and reorganized with a focus on the ease of use. As a result, several settings have been changed or combined with other settings. Along with these improvements, the settings are now stored in another format that is less prone to error.

Windows - Improved the compatibility with Windows Connectivity - Improved the detection of internet access. Interface - Increased the width of the edges of the window to make it easier to resize. Interface - Improved the performance, most noticeable on low-end machines.

Interface - On Windows XP, decreased the font size to match the font size of Windows Vista and higher. Interface - The window location is now remembered per screen resolution. Interface - Improved the positioning of menu buttons on small window sizes. Desktop - Resolution and monitor information was not stored correctly. Interface - On Windows XP, maximize would only maximize to one half of the screen. Steam - Two Steam achievements could in some cases not unlock. Это что за чешуйня по первой ссылке? Бесплатная версия полностью бесполезна.

Desktop - Improved the performance of restoring the desktop icons. Settings - The settings are now automatically saved after every change instead of only on close. Service - The online service that allows you to gain access to several features, such as the automatic driver updated, has been completely rewritten.

This new online service enables us to deploy new versions more easily without disrupting the service and is also more friendly to firewalls. The old online service will remain fully functional until February 1st, After this date only signing in with your email address and updating will remain functional for the old online service. Desktop - Desktop icons could in some cases not restore to the correct location. The log files are automatically stored in the log folder in the installation folder.

Interface - Improved sorting performance in data grids. Interface - Many changes to improve perceived performance. Interface - Added auto focus to all dialog screens. Health check - Adding an outdated drivers could occasionally cause Driver Fusion to freeze for a moment. Health check - Outdated drivers could in some cases never detect any drivers, with special thanks to Jorn for testing.

Localization - Chinese Simplified was not automatically detected. Interface - The border could occasionally not show around the window when it was not focused. Для работы программы нужен Microsoft. This enables you to keep the current driver if you know that the driver is fine as is. Reporting - Added a report that you can send to Treexy for diagnostic purposes. Localization - Improved the Chinese Simplified translation with special thanks to YanJun Sun.

Health check - The additional driver information, such as the provider and release date, can now be accessed directly instead of through the tooltip of the driver. Interface - The settings menu has been redesign for consistency. Interface - All links are now colored to make them more distinguishable. Interface - Most interface elements in health check and driver families now change their background color when you hover over them. Interface - Localized dates could in some cases not display in accordance with the regional settings of Windows. Interface - Adding a new outdated driver in health check could occasionally cause the interface to stop responding for a short time.

Health check - Improved matching of drivers with common identifiers used among manufacturers. Interface - Inconsistent alignment of update available text. Connectivity - Improved handling of network problems. Interface - Increased the maximum input length of most text boxes. Я все подобные программыы перепробовал. Мы богаты не тем что имеем а тем что умеем FBI предупреждает! Долбодятлам лучше не связыватьса-отчешуитьса можно по самые нихачу. Health check - Devices and drivers are now sorted by their class. History - Restore did not continue when a registry entry was corrupt.

Filters - The delete button was still visible after deleting the last filter item only with the view custom filter. Treexy наверное хочет посудиться за использование интерфейса Zune c майками. This enables you to download a driver without being forced to immediately install the driver. The available options are none, signed, authenticode verified by a trusted publisher, authenticode, and WHQL. Driver families - Added new categories and devices with a lot of new driver family entries to clean, such as devices and peripherals from Razer, Mad Catz, Synaptics, Dell, Epson, Lexmark, Kyocera, Brother and Canon.

The existing driver families also have been greatly improved by adding a large number of new driver family entries. Interface - All screens are now loaded asynchronous and do not block the user interface anymore during loading. Interface - Longer lasting tasks, such as the health check and driver family scan, can now be cancelled. Filters - Added a filter to show custom, existing or all filters. Localization - Added 11 new languages: Chinese Traditional, Taiwan with special thanks to D. Hsieh, Yoruba Nigeria , Punjabi India , Nepali Nepal , Maori New Zealand , Lao Lao P.

Health check - The tooltip of the driver now includes the provider, release date, version, and signature. Health check - Changed the cursor of the driver backup destination icon to a pointer to better indicate that it is clickable. This is especially useful when the older driver, such as the default Microsoft driver, has a higher version number than the newer driver shipped by the vendor.

Treexy account - It is now possible to register and sign in using your email address instead of a username. The existing usernames are no longer required and will be removed in the future. Remembered account details if enabled will automatically use your email address the next time you sign in. Treexy account - Improved handling of sign in and sign out so that users have less chance of waiting for the server to reset existing sessions that are not closed correctly.

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Interface - The filters and history data grid now automatically scrolls to the top when changing the selected item. Interface - Screens that have success messages such as resend email or reset password now show a green notification upon success. Interface - All dialog screens are now the same size. For example, no more driver install confirmation warning is given when only a driver backup is created. For example, Bluetooth devices are usually related to a couple of other devices.

Interface - Localized dates were not displayed in accordance with the regional settings of Windows. Interface - White pixels and lines shown on top of the window. Interface - Inconsistent alignment of the text in the there are no items available entry.

Interface - Very slow sorting of columns in data grids with a large number of entries. Driver family - The types of the driver families were not translated. Health check - The first group in health check shifted up a few pixels as soon as the scrollbar appeared. Health check - The animation of collapsing a group in health check could sometimes flicker. A colored bar, that represents the current device status, is now shown to the left of the device. Health check - Community suggested feature - The analysis feature, such as finding all missing or outdated drivers on your system, is now available to free users.

A premium license is required to download and install these drivers, or to create a backup of all drivers. Health check - Community suggested feature - The last used backup location is now remembered. The backup location is also added to the backup locations of driver backup in device control.

Health check - Improved the algorithm for finding both missing and outdated drivers. Interface - Health check is now the default screen when opening Driver Fusion. Interface - The notification bar now automatically scales the text size in relation to the available space. Interface - The menu has been redesigned to make it clearer and easier to use. Interface - Slightly reduced the width of the resize grip on the edges of the window to make scrollbars easier to use.

Interface - On Windows Vista and higher, the native folder dialog is now used instead of the previous used folder dialog.

Driver fusion crack

Manual - The manual shipped with the installer has been removed and replaced by an online manual. Health check - Performing a driver backup could in some cases freeze Driver Fusion. Health check - Scanning for outdated drivers could in some cases freeze Driver Fusion. Health check - A missing or outdated driver installation would sometimes fail to install.

Its automatic driver updater is ideal for installing missing or newer drivers without having to worry about technical details. You can also use health check to create a backup of all installed drivers at once. This is especially noticeable on Windows XP and Windows Vista. Loading is now also immediately finished when visiting the monitor screen again. This allows the user to continue with their current screen even though online features will be out of order due to the network problem.

This is now consistent with the behaviour from previous Windows versions. This prevented Driver Fusion from automatically detecting the created backups. Premium16 Driver online - In device control you can now download drivers for your devices with ease.

This is not only useful for devices without drivers, but also if you want to update your existing driver. The online driver database is constantly updated with new drivers, but achieving a solid collection is going to take some time to complete. Premium16 Driver backup - Community suggested feature - Driver Fusion will now ask you to select a backup location first. The last ten backup locations are automatically remembered.

Premium16 Driver backup - Backups made with device control now support information files with multiple platforms and operating systems. History - The log and restore screen have been combined into a single history screen, allowing quicker access to common information. Premium16 Device control - Devices are now sorted alphabetically for easier navigation.

Interface - Data grids now automatically wrap the text when it exceeds the available width. Interface - The screen shown to users when premium is required now shows a link to activate a product when the user is signed in. Interface - All dialog screens are now movable.

Interface - Several dates were not displayed in accordance with the regional settings of Windows. Пробовал ещё на 7ке,хоть премиум,хоть просто,ни в безопасном режиме,ни после перезагрузки-полностью ничего удалить не может! Лично у меня оставалось 15 ключей реестра,которые потом удалял в ручную со сменой прав!

Честно говоря, удивлён количеством негативных комментариев. У меня ноутбук с гибридной графикой, ну так вот - премиум удалил полностью всё, что не могли удалить его предшественники. Лично я работой данной программы полностью доволен! Кто-нибудь знает, igorca или кто-то ещё собирается взламывать последнюю версию? Если создатели не лукавят, что старые драйвера удаляются из системы полностью, то очень полезная программа.

Windows - Driver Fusion is now fully compatible with Windows 8. Interface - Improved navigation to give you quick access to the controls in one convenient place. Premium16 Device installation settings - In device settings you can now change if you want Windows to always install the best driver software from Windows Update. Premium16 Device control - Improved design to make switching between devices and categories more visual and intuitive. Premium16 Search engine - Added DuckDuckGo to the possible search engines within Driver Fusion.

Premium16 Monitor - Redesigned with a focus on improved readability and usability. Driver family - The database of possible entries for NVIDIA display and AMD display has been updated. Interface - The interface has been improved in many areas. Most notably are the Treexy account screens and the new menu for settings and signed-in users. Premium16 Monitor - Support has been added for more hardware.

This includes Intel Ivy Bridge E CPUs and the latest ASUS and ASRock motherboards. Premium16 Device control - In some cases a backup could select the wrong digital signature. Premium16 Device control - Driver information shows empty rows.

Premium16 Device control - File copy dialog shown when browsing a monitor. Premium16 Driver family - Directory and file entries show incorrectly as lower-case. Обязательно сделайте резервную точку, дабы не было конфуза. Побаловаться тока,прошли те времена с драйверами и прочим горюче-смазочным. Driver family - Driver inspection and driver overview have been combined into a single completely redesigned screen named driver family named driver family because all driver versions are combined into one group, e.

The redesigned interface includes a more spacious layout, icons and better navigation. Category view - Instead of listing all drivers the driver family screen just shows the categories. This makes it easier to find the driver that you want to delete instead of having to search through the list of all driver families.

Details view - This view provides the list of all driver families just like you were used to but now with the new design of the driver family screen. Notification bar - Hints and notifications have been combined into one simple notification bar at the top of the screen. Steam - If you use Driver Fusion on Steam you can now launch Driver Fusion without having the Steam client running.

To do so you need to run the Driver Fusion executable with the parameter "-nosteam" without the quotes. Hint navigation - It is now possible to pause hints. Previous and next buttons can be used to browse all the hints manually. Premium16 Installed filter - Driver overview has been integrated with the new driver family screen. Installed drivers can now be filtered from the complete list by selecting the option to only show installed drivers.

No items available - Added an empty item text to lists that do not contain any items yet. Manual and credits - Buttons have been added to the general settings to open the manual and view the credits screen. Updated hints - Most of the texts have been updated, this also includes several new tooltips. Verification - Resend verification will now return the user to the verification screen instead of returning to the main Driver Fusion window. Multi removal - It is no longer possible to select multiple driver families by default. Experienced users can re-enable the selection of multiple driver families in the cleaning settings.

Progress indication - Backup and removal of driver family entries now indicates its progress in percentages. This includes Samsung SSDs, Intel Haswell and AMD Jaguar CPUs. Premium16 Device control - Device control has been moved to the maintenance section instead of the computer section. Premium16 Device driver backup - Backups made with device control now better adhere to the file structure as originally defined by the vendors.

Horizontal scrolling - Improved horizontal scrolling support, fixing certain settings being partially unreadable on small window sizes and devices having unnecessary horizontal scrollbars in device control. Faulty log - Fixed a potential crash on Windows Vista when trying to load a corrupted log in the log screen. Premium16 In-app update - Temporary update files would sometimes not be deleted. Driver Fusion now checks on startup if all temporary files from the last update were deleted properly.

Premium16 Device driver backup - Some files would not be incorporated in the restore procedure due to incorrect naming. Запустил у себя - нашла только драйвера от nVIDIA. А остальные куда делись, которые я устанавливал? Monitor - The monitor feature gives you insight into your computer sensors, such as power usage, temperature and clock speed. The majority of devices from Intel, AMD and NVIDIA can be monitored. Steamworks - We added Steamworks integration for the upcoming release on Steam.

In-app update - Improved downloading algorithm for the updated files. Social media - Added Facebook and Twitter buttons to the about screen. Interface - The setting screens now automatically add vertical scrollbars when there is not enough horizontal space available. Premium information redesign - The screen that is shown to free users when a feature is premium only has been redesigned for Steamworks integration. Connectivity indication - The connectivity indication would incorrectly show internet access on some systems.

Interface - Dragging Driver Fusion would occasionally freeze Driver Fusion. Не согласен с предыдущими пользователями. Последняя версия очень удачная и удобная. Подчищает после удаления драйверов наглядно и эффективно. Восстанавливал резервные копии драйверов одним махом, с помощью мыши.

Driver fusion crack

Translations - We had a lot of help with improving the translations and we would like to thank the UGLTeam for improving the Georgian translation. Also, thanks to all previous translators for their continued support to improve the existing translations. Power information - In device control you can now find information about the power management state and capabilities of a device.

Reporting - You can now generate a system report too. System drivers - The database of possible entries for NVIDIA display and NVIDIA PhysX system drivers has been updated! Enhanced removal mode - Improved the ability to delete protected, locked or in use directory entries. Interface - All screens that require internet access now feature a uniform design. Reporting - The maintenance action report is completely redesigned to improve print quality.

Device identifier - Improved the ability to identify your devices. This is mostly noticeable for Intel processors. Device control - Improved the readability of several device and driver properties. Device control - Improved stability and performance. This is noticable mostly on Windows XP.

Settings - Default values were not always set correctly. Interface - Several small issues such as incorrect text wrapping and incorrect alignment. Enhanced removal mode - On some systems it was not possible to delete protected, locked or in use registry entries with Driver Fusion 1. Device control - Device and driver properties were shown even when they contained no information. Device control - Instability when quickly switching between two devices.

Device control - Driver properties were not sorted correctly. Бесплатная версия до конца не умеет подчищать хвосты драйверов, о чем честно в описании написано. Для полного удаления советую загрузиться в сейф моде и от туда запускать Driver Fusion. Войти на сайт Не запоминать меня. Собран с помощью 7zip sfx инсталляции оригинального установщика В папку с установленной программой копируется файл настроек и русской локализации В результате сразу после установки и первого запуска программа на русском языке Установка тихая бесключевая после запуска установщика визуально ничего не происходит, по завершению установки на рабочем столе появляется ярлык программы.

Как переключить в портабле на рус. Для меня Net Framework является значительным сокращением затрат на разработку программы, то есть без него я бы не сделал такую программу. Поэтому здесь каждый решает сам, что ему важнее. Аналогов десятки и большинство не используют Net Framework и памяти потребляют заметно меньше. AMD Radeon Crimson ReLive Graphics Driver Aperture column in table was not updated after using the lens tagging feature. Added check for comma in output path that would make the export fail.

В Adobe отмечают, что решение связано с тем, широким распространением открытых мультимедийных стандартов, таких как HTML5, WebGL and WebAssembly. Компания планирует продолжать выпускать обновления Flash Player для различных браузеров, однако новых функций программа не получит.

Adobe также объявила о намерении поощрять разработчиков к переходу на другие форматы. Flash Player неоднократно подвергался критике из-за большого потребления ресурсов, нестабильной работы, а также критических уязвимостей для хакеров. Поддержка сервиса была отключена в году в браузере Chrome, аналогично планирует поступить Microsoft в году. Устройства Apple также по умолчанию не поддерживают технологию. Windows 10 Rus Windows 10 Insider Version Windows 8.

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