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I think it would be rather slow on that machine P, 32MB and I suspect I would have to jump through a lot of hoops to get it working I did with Win Find a 98Se update or forget it. DosFreak Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Unfortunately many manufacturers were waiting for the release of Windows 98 and the official support of USB. Remove IE and then reinstall IE.

Driver usb for windows 95

According to microsoft knowledge base you must download and istall USB support for Windows95 for your specific version of your Windows, as drivers for USB varies and may cause problems if used with another version. Shut down your computer, plug-in the device and turn it on again. Go here USB SUPORT and download the files windows95 needed for USB suport, if your version supports USB. If you already have W2indows 95B, then NO NEED to download this file.

Driver usb for windows 95

After you make sure that your windows version supports USB, then you can install any device using general drivers windows have for USB devices. Or look at your product brand website if you can find drivers for windows Maybe that work around solve your problem. I used USB with windows95b at the past, but that was along time ago.

Remember I had problems too, set up a USB device properly, EPSON Printer but problems solved. Made that printer worked fine using USB at windows95B. But if no one of the above helps you then best you have is to put any edition of Windows WileECoyote Wise, Aged Ars Veteran Registered: Install the USB update for Win Go to the Device Manager and check the list of devices.

Driver usb for windows 95

If possible, load the drivers for the chipset used on your motherboard. These may be available from Toshiba, typically called a "chipset update", "motherboard update" or "OS update". Install the drivers for the gamepad or whatever. You may need to repeat steps a few times to get Windows to cooperate.

CollegeManMan Ars Praetorian Registered: Instead, they recommend that you update to 98SE.

I use it and it speeds up win98 and 98se. Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators. Actually getting USB devices to work in Win95 OSR2? I downloaded and installed the USB drivers for it, it detects the slot. Back when OSR2 came out was when USB was just beginning to come out in retail. I think I remmeber something about microsoft putting out a fix for the whole USB thing in windows 95 have you tried checking there website? In my experience USB will work most of the time with Win 95 OSR2. Shice Ars Tribunus Militum Registered:

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