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The Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro is a terrific 2-in-1 Windows 8 Ultrabook. It has a gorgeous display that you can interact with in fun and unique ways. It was even voted the best Ultrabook in a recent Lifehacker reader poll. Many modern devices support dual bands now. Heck, even phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s support both 2. The latest MacBook Air supports dual bands and AC networks out of the box.

Download the Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC NGW drivers onto your hard drive prior to getting started. Remove the 11 T5 torx screws securing the back cover to the frame. The screws are very small and easy to lose, so consider putting them in a container or putting them on top of a piece of tape.

I found it easier to start from the back where the hinges are located. After you get the cover removed, you should probably remove the cable to the battery. I left it plugged in and was just careful to not accidentally turn it on during the upgrade. The Wi-Fi card is located on the left side, just above the battery. They should just pop off with a slight pull. Reattach the battery if you unplugged it, then put the back cover on. Power up the Yoga 2 Pro and make sure you can connect to your wireless network. Finally come out of above…go to device management and select the wireless card under network adapter and right click properties…click power management and DESELECT the turn off card to save power.

When I follow these instructions it seemed to work just fine. However, the next day it claimed to have an unauthorized wireless network card and asks to remove it. My wifi adapter kn the yoga 2 pro stopped working. I sent it in for repair, but the repair shop is now suggesting they alsp need to replace the motherboard. Everything esle was working fine except for the wifi adapter. Does it make sense that they need to also replace yhe motherboard?

Hi, will this work for the Normal yoga 2, too? Is it identical with the Pro version? Pam Hello, could you share a picture of your card if available? I can then search and buy the exact same card as yours. Was windows 8 originally, but was upgraded to windows I performed the steps exactly as listed in this article and it was accepted.

I did not get the error message that many have gotten rejecting the card. So far, it seems more stable than before. I did have to reset the adapter once so I suppose only time will tell if this will happen frequently. Unauthorized wireless network card is plugged in.

Could you tell me how you solve it? The upgrade worked for me on my Yoga 2 Pro. I bought this specific card if anyone is interested: Richard Ok just to let you know I have received my new wireless card from Amazon. Tested this under Windows 10 and Ubuntu Both Dual band wireless and Bluetooth working. I have not updated the drivers on either OS.

I didnt take the battery out, I would also add some tweezers to the tool list to help with extracting the card and replacing it. I am just looking to do this update, but I have struggled to find a part supplier here in the UK. I am going to order the part from Amazon US to see if I can get the same results. Looking through the comments, and other sites, I am still not clear which cards work versus those that do not.

I am going to stick with only those suppliers that specifically have confirmation feedback on compatibility with the Yoga Pro 2 Although I have seen a couple on Amazon that seems inconsistent — card served from different batches perhaps. For reference my machine is as follows: I just replaced the N card in my Yoga2 Pro to the AC version because I had recently upgraded my router to a dual-band AC router. However, I have not been able to activate bluetooth.

Bluetooth shows up in Device Manager: Intel Wireless Bluetooth, but has the error message: When I check the AC properties, the Bluetooth AMP is Enabled. The Y2P BIOS is 76CN38WW, which is not the latest and I will try updating it soon, but thought that I would see if anyone here could help. Took me about 10 minutes to put the new wifi card in my Yoga 2 pro and it is so much faster, not even close! My Yoga picked up the card right away, no need to install other drivers. I ordered my card off Amazon using the link provided. It had an FCC number on it and works perfectly. I did not have to remove the battery for the install.

Mobile Computing Solutions — Followed these directions exactly did not disconnect battery. I was then able to connect just clicking on the 5 GHz and typing in my password. It connected and I got my max Modem speeds!

Is there anything else I can do to get this working? My existing card is reliable but slow at times. Finally, last week, the wifi card could not even be detected. I installed other drivers, rebooted, reinstalled the original one, rebooted… No effect. Today, I opened the cover and I was automatically connected to the same network again.

Later today I also received the new wifi card Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC from Amazon, installed it, turned the laptop on, and it worked the first time. That old wifi card is going in the trash. Before purchasing the NGW card, will it work on the Yoga 2 Pro with 76CN43WW bios? I have seen conflicting answers. DO Not Purchase the card of eBay. I purchased the one on MFactors and the computer picked it up right away. That one is recommended genuine product. If anyone has a fix, it would be great to know.

Very disappointed to have incurred the expense and hassle. Guess I should have looked at the contents of the comments. Ed, you should insert a caveat if that is possible. I just ordered the dual band card and hoping for the best! Thank you for the detailed instructions! I just upgraded to the dual band card. I was at my wits end losing wifi.

Also purchased this card for my Lenovo Yoga 2 13 — get the same error that it is an un-authorized card, and I have not managed to remove whitelist for hardware. I bought my Yoga Pro 2 Dec and it looks like mine came with this model you are recommending but mine is still terrible, is there a better option or a reason mine rarely works in my house but my wifes MacBook air consistently works at all times?

Ed Rhee this is what the card has stamped on it: It actually does say Intel Intel Dual Band Wireless AC Model: Ed Rhee I suppose both things are possible. I ordered it from your Amazon link. However, it did come from China. What exactly should it say on the card? Christine I performed the upgrade on a Yoga 2 Pro.

That is work around the message and get it to start up? I have a Yoga 2 Pro bought in December Over the last two months the card was failing. Meaning the wireless adapater was randomly and often disconnecting from the internet. Sometimes the Troubleshooter could get it to re-start, but most often I had to shut down and power back up to reset the wireless adapter. Richard Price Which USB wifi card did you buy? That seems to be a hassle-free solution. Ed; thanks for the instructions.

Esther , thank you for your comment. Part of the problem is not knowing whether the manufacturer has whitelisted the Wi-Fi card. Thank you for your great instructions. Great content in the laptop but a minor wifi card. Will these instructions also work for the lenovo Z i7? In other words the same size ac card and size I have to order and the way the card is build within the laptop?

Will this upgrade work for the Yoga 11s Model ? I have seen older post stating that there is no internal replacement option for the Realtek RTLA device. I was hoping that this may be an option. I did not any luck with this item. Richard Price I got one of those USB WiFi antennas. Its a quick solution but its kinda of annoying to lug around.

With the suggestion from a member of the local Geek Squad, I found another solution. I had tried changing the wireless card but also got the message that it was an unauthorized card. But a simple solution for the YP2 is to get an external USB WiFi. I put that on, disabled the old card which would not connect to my router and now it works completely fine.

The Lenovo service man rather petulantly told me that I could not replace the card but I needed to replace the router with one that worked at 2. But this is a relatively cheap and easy fix. Hi, Awesome instructions and great links to the right parts delivered fast! My Lenovo is not only working but much improved at a way less price than Lenovos service!

Hi, I have been having issues with my new yoga pro2 wifi and i read on one of the forum that it may be my single band netgear router. I have a Yoga Pro 2 which suffered some minor contact with water. WiFi card kept going On-Off-On-Off when viewed in the Win8.

I ordered a new card and followed your excellent directions and photos for a quick swap of the card and I am back in business! Thanks for donating your time and effort to make this easier for all of us! You should install the wireless card drivers after you have installed the new card. Make sure of the antenna connections are connected right.

The wires are labeled in the order they are to be connected to the wireless card. Hi Ed, Hi Everyone, I spilled a drink on the keyboard of my Yoga2Pro. Instead of repurchasing the 2-month-old laptop and since BIOS were still working, I decided to try replacing HD and keyboard and reloading OS. Voila…Everything works fine… except wifi adapter Intel Dual NGW.

Intel wireless n 7260 driver lenovo

Even the Bluetooth was working, which is strange since I believe both wifi and bluetooth are controlled by the same card? I decided to replace the card with the same model. Again, Bluetooth is working, but wifi adapter is not even recognized in Device Manager.

Everything else works fine on that left small circuit board USB, headphone jack, volume, tilt lock. Is it possible that the issue is water damage to the wifi half of the port for the network adapter card? Any other ideas besides replacing that circuit board? Bought the correct dual band card off amazon, have everything ready to go and install.

But what are the correct drivers that I must download before the installation? I can only find the two latest bluetooth drivers at the following drivers, are they correct? The wireless works fine, but the bluetooth drops out and only some versions of the bluetooth drivers work.

Brooke The card you bought might be defective. Have you tried putting the old card back in to see if it works? Ann So happy to hear that it worked out so well for you. Thanks for taking the time to share your comments and for reading!

Intel n-7260 drop wireless conection

Oh, and yes, it appears that newer models of the Yoga 2 Pro included a dual-band card. Are you sure that the cards are seated properly in the slot? And you have the antennas in the right places, right? Chris I replaced the card and it worked for about a month, then just stopped detecting any networks.

The card arrived this morning and I made sure it had a FCC number on it. As recommended, I had downloaded the new Intel drivers before I performed the operation, but the wireless card functioned perfectly with the existing drivers.

I installed the new ones anyway, and now my Internet speeds are blazing fast! Mine is one of the slightly older machines built Feb. Now, if only they would do something about the way the screen displays the color yellow!

Intel wireless n 7260 driver lenovo

Or how to get the network adapter to detect once again? I would think putting my old card back in, that was working moments prior would solve the problem, but it did not. I just finished the upgrade and everything is fine. The wifi status is indicating Mbps.

Двухдиапазонный адаптер Intel® Dual Band Wireless-N 7260

By the way before proceeding with the upgrade I verified the BIOS version: Connecting to my Wireless N router using 5-G connection. It looked correct with FCC-ID but was pulled from a Dell. Hi all, per the article at the below link, the only card with Bluetooth is dual band HMW AN. Since the YP2 has Bluetooth, it has to be this card and it has dual bands. I bought a Yoga 2 from a private party who had sent the unit which he bought new into Lenovo for keyboard replacement.

I stumbled on this article and decided to check out the wifi card. Sure enough, Lenovo had not bothered to reconnect the Main antenna when they replaced the keyboard. I just replaced the wireless card on my yoga 2. Ed Rhee it was sold by the SOOGOOD TECHNOLOGY COMPANY. Do you happen to know which 3rd party seller you bought the card from on Amazon? That version is apparently not on the BIOS whitelist. Can you check yours and see if this is the case? Ed Rhee would you mind posting your BIOS version that is working with the card? Quinn I also purchased the amazon linked one.

I have the same unauthorized error happening. I wonder if there is something in a bios update that causes it. Andrew AFAICT, there are no intrusion detection devices on this laptop. It is very easy to open, and the risk of damaging it or marring it in any way is very low.

Even if it would void the warranty, I have a hard time seeing how Lenovo would ever find out. Out of curiosity, which 3rd party seller did you purchase the Wi-Fi card from? I attempted this upgrade with the wireless card on Amazon. I powered down my laptop, disconnected the battery remove the old wireless card connected the new wireless card reconnected the battery powered on the laptop and immediately it said in unauthorized wireless card please remove an insert old one.

Great article — simple to follow, to the point and made the upgrade on my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro a breeze. Hi Quinn, i have the same problem. It says says unauthorized wireless card remove and insert previous car. I have the yoga pro 2 and I performed this upgrade turning off, disconnecting battery l, inserting the new card and the laptop immediately pops up and says unauthorized wireless card remove and insert previous card.

I ordered the one from the Amazon link. Is there something missing or did they send me the wrong one. Gary Intel Wireless-N and Intel Dual Band Wireless-N are two different products. The output shown below is from my Y2P, and it conclusively shows that it ships with the lesser product. TX 0 RX 0 Supported interface modes: Have you tried connecting the Yoga 2 Pro to a 5GHz network?

And the single band card I believe comes with the Y2Pro: Everyone seem to think this is Y2P is single band but it comes with the Intel card which is dual band. Do you know if you can upgrade the single band wireless card in the Yoga 2 2in1 11 to a dual band just as you did in the Yoga Pro? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Techdad Review Tech and gadget reviews. Home About Disclosure Contact Us. Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC card Newegg Amazon The M. Remove the single philips screw holding the wireless card in place. Gently slide the old card out, then gently slide the new card in. Secure the new card to the board with the philips screw. Twitter Facebook Google Print More Reddit LinkedIn Pinterest. Lenovo , network , Ultrabook , upgrade , Wi-Fi , Windows 8 , Windows 8.

Comments 93 Trackbacks 0 Leave a comment Trackback. Kevin hi, where can you find the bios whitelist for the yogo pro 2? Hello just installed the card, worked very well. It worked fine for my Yoga 2 pro. Al Al, Is Bluetooth working in your Y2P after the WiFi card upgrade? Ed — thanks for the guide, really pleased with this update. BLUETOOTH Problem Ed, thanks for the guide. My Bios is 76CN31WW Is there anything else I can do to get this working?

Can you confirm exactly what card you purchased and used from mfactors? However, when I powered it up I got this message: Unauthorized Wireless Network card is plugged in. Hi Ed, Thank you for your great instructions. This worked perfectly on a Yoga Pro 2. For the Yoga 2, it depends on the model. Hi, After I did this upgrade, the network adapter is not detected.

Really appreciate the assistance. Thanks Ed, your article saved me a big headache! Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC Model: My BIOS version is 76CN38WW, which I believe is the most recent one from August Is this upgrade causing troubles with the Lenovo product warranty?

Which did you purchase yours from? Hi Ed, Great article — simple to follow, to the point and made the upgrade on my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro a breeze.

Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 7260 for Lenovo laptop and any other laptop

This could probably be verified with a BIOS downgrade, which is actually a feature! Quinn Hi Quinn, i have the same problem. Intel Dual Band Wireless- AC Model: Gary Hey Gary, thanks for your comment! E-Mail will not be published required. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX Mobile Document Scanner Incipio Dual USB Desktop Charging Station.

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