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Our agreement with the PC OEMs do not allow us to distribute drivers to end customers. We are required to refer you to the OEM. And I must say that is a pretty crappy agreement, since the OEMs does a very good job giving your products a bad name.

PCI xx12 drivers.

As example we can take the OEM for my laptop, which thinks they do not need to publish updates, leaving me searching the net for a version of your driver that can even be installed on my computer hint: And that reflects badly on your product since most people are not aware of limitations like this kind of agreements. Other vendors has stopped using them just because of the bad PR.

I agree, We paid for the computer which came with the drivers that the OS needs to work. Nonetheless, the consumer is always left holding the short end of the stick. That Texas Instruments is in cahoots with Microsoft in excluding us from this driver. God forbid should you need an office suite from Microsoft the license for a typical end user is outrageous let alone for a fortune company.

Surprisingly, the office suite "Libre Office" all free.

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So if Texas Instruments wants to be this way with their "Little Driver" go where the grass is greener and FREE. PS Ubuntu is what we like to call a lite OS and if you like the look and feel of Windows 7 or MacOSX you will like Ubuntu.


This program I need to install to my computer, so please sir allow me to using this program. I hope that TI will accommodate my request. Thank you for your anticipated reply.

Texas instruments card reader driver

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Texas instruments card reader driver

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