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Vestax VCI-300 USB Controller with Serato Itch

By completing your order, you understand that the products s you are purchasing are U. Prices shown in currencies other than US Dollars are estimates based on current exchange rates. We will charge your credit card in US Dollars on the day your order is shipped, and the conversion to your local currency will be done at the prevailing rate by your credit card issuer. Ever since the MP3 was introduced to the music market, the share of people who utilize digital sound data has increased exponentially, with software for remixing digital sound data following suit.

After consideration, we decided not to load a sound card in order to prevent any latency that may be caused from processing massive sound data on the same signal line. Vestax is pleased to announce the new VCI DJ MIDI controller. The VCI provides features that blur the line between hardware mixing and software control. The chassis is roughly the size of a standard Laptop, thin but highly durable, compact, and convenient for transportation. The key to any professional DJ set up is the quality and feel of the "platters.

With this combination, operations such as pitch bending, scanning and scratching can be performed with speed and accuracy. Vestax and Serato have joined forces! The VCI is a dedicated USB MIDI controller for the included Serato DJ software. See more Vestax DJ Controllers with Audio Interfaces. All products in DJ Controllers with Audio Interfaces. Sign me up for Killer Daily Deals. Log In to Manage Your Wish List. Contact Us About us How to Shop PSSL. Enter your name and email to be notified when this product is in stock and ready to ship.

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The shield means youre protected. Vestax VCI USB Controller with Serato Itch. We apologize, this product is no longer available. Likely due to either replacement with a newer model or manufacturer discontinuation. American Audio VMS2 2 Channel MIDI DJ Controller.


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Vestax VCI USB Controller with Serato Itch Ever since the MP3 was introduced to the music market, the share of people who utilize digital sound data has increased exponentially, with software for remixing digital sound data following suit. Pentium 4 mobile 2GHz or better RAM: Pioneer DDJ-SX2 4-Channel Controller for Serato DJ. Pioneer DDJ-RZ 4-Channel Rekordbox DJ Controller.

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Questions that need answers My Posts. Do not include HTML, links, references to other stores, pricing or contact info. Browse 20 questions Browse 20 questions and 28 answers. Sort by Most Common Sort by Most Answers Sort by Fewest Answers Sort by Most Recent Question Sort by Oldest Question. Does this system come with a power supply? Vestax made this an optional accessory. However, as long as your computer meets the minimum hardware requirements, you should have no problem powering it from the USB port.

Reply Inaccurate Adrian Staff on Sep 21, No the power supply is sold separately since it can be powered by the computers usb ports. You can upgrade to the Serato Video Plugin from Serato to use video in Itch. Reply Inaccurate Justin Staff on Apr 26, Yes you can its great i do it here and there , very ez to use. The Vestax VCI USB Controller with Serato Itch computer specs: I finally broke down and got a Mac about a year ago and I never looked back.

If you never used a Mac, its very different but the also offer a program to run your Windows program on your Mac. For the VCI does it have a reverse switch feature? Something like the TTM 56S Performance Mixer. It is not an actual feature on the VCI but you can do it using Serato Itch, the attached software. Reply Inaccurate Prince Staff on May 11, You can do it using Serato, but it is not built in to the VCI Vestax VCI USB Controller with Serato Itch should work with windows 7. Please Make sure you have the latest driver update from the manufactures website. Reply Inaccurate Stephen rom PSSL Staff on Mar 2, Does the VCI work with virtual DJ 7.

DJ Bird Mixmasters on Nov 25, No, the VCI is not compatible with virtual dj it is only compatible with Serato Scratch. But we have items that are compatible with Virtual DJ if you want to call in at Reply Inaccurate Jack Staff on Nov 30, I have a dell and virtual DJ 7 and i just need a a usb 2 have better controll. Reply Inaccurate PSSL Staff on Aug 4, Will I be able to record in adobe audition with the controller? It does not have a recording feature. Reply Inaccurate Chai Staff on Jul 6, The Vestax VCI USB Controller with Serato Itch does not include the MAC laptop. Reply Inaccurate OD Staff on Aug 26, Vestax VCI USB Controller with Serato Itch does not have a recording feature.

Reply Inaccurate OD Staff on Aug 5, Can you record your mixes with the vci and the itch software or do you need an external program to record?? The Vestax VCI USB Controller with Serato Itch does not have a recording feature. Reply Inaccurate OD Staff on Aug 2, This one is compatible with the Serato Itch program.

It was designed to be used with Serato Itch. Reply Inaccurate jake Staff on Jul 19, The Vestax VCI USB Controller is made and programmed to work with Serato Itch. Serato Itch comes bundled with the VCI Reply Inaccurate OD Staff on May 5, Reply Inaccurate Prince Staff on Mar 16, Yes, Live is designed for the Scratch DJ, for use with external dj system.

Itch is designed to be controlled via midi and only midi. Reply Inaccurate Leroy Staff on Mar 3, Im in the market for one of this units, but ive also seen the add on of the VFX-1 which as you know is the effect controller for the vci, my question is does the software itself once installed in my laptop does it come with any effects?

The only affects through the vci you can receieve are through the VFX Reply Inaccurate Stephen from PSSL. Mixing is in the eyes of the beholder. The possibilities of this unit are endles. Reply Inaccurate Leroy Staff on Feb 17, This second edition works with software versions 1.

Reply Inaccurate Stephen from PSSL Staff on Jan 24, Sort by Most Helpful Sort by Most Recent Review Sort Highest to Lowest Sort Lowest to Highest.

Vestax vci 300 driver

The feel of this thing is crazy, great. Consistent,Easy To Use,Versatile,Professional Features I use the VCI everytime I dj now. I can not see myself using any other controller. Consistent,Excellent Sound,Easy To Use,Professional Features,Versatile Cons: Limited Features I wanted to wait before I posted a comment regarding the VCI that I purchased from PSSL.

I have had no issues with the controller. I did have a problem with the software freezing up causing the VCI to become unresponsive but after much research on the Serato site I see I had conflicting issues with my computer and hard drive. I see other people seem to have had problems with their VCI but it looks like the problems are with their computer yet they are quick to blame the controller because it becomes unresponsive.

From experience I can honestly say that if you use a cheap computer or are using your computer for anything else beside audio, you are bound to have issues. These computer programs demand a lot from your computer. My setup includes a Mac Powerbook Pro with 2 gigs of ram and a WD external Tera bite hard drive.

I use this computer for nothing other than Audio. No email, no web surfing, no nothing! My advice to anyone looking ot purchase a DJ controller is that you must also have a dedicated computer just for your audio. No one ever said technology is cheap. You wanna play like the big dogs, you have to pay like the big dogs. Thanks my 2 cents,My only gripe is with the software. Excellent Sound,Versatile,Easy To Use Cons: Limited Features,Not Consistent Vestax has packaged everything together perfectly. You get the same functions of turntables and a mixer together in the VCI along with the software Itch needed to work with it.

Buying each seperately, can cost twice as much. Functions of the VCI are straight forward. I like that you can set up to three sets of loops and there is also a censor reverse button. My laptop has yet to freeze due to Itch, but I suggest having a reliable laptop just to be sure. Consistent,Excellent Sound,Professional Features,Easy To Use,Versatile The VCI works Great, Just plug it in and play.

You need to check your laptop, not the VCI Your laptop should only have windows main features and Just Itch. This Deck is great for small family barbecue partie, Home practice setup. For My Big gigs, i use a different setup. Professional Features,Versatile,Consistent,Excellent Sound,Easy To Use I used to use a box Denon system with a crown amp, but i got sick of luging it around then i heard of this VCI It looked perfect i even got to test it out at the shop so i got used to it. It to me a good 20 minutes to figure it out. Very easy to transport, very light, and versatile.

Perfect light and durable system.

Vestax VCI 300 Mk2 & Traktor Scratch Pro

Limited Features Ive had this VCI for about 5 months. Its perfect except for one thing. Easy To Use,Versatile,Professional Features,Excellent Sound,Consistent I purchased this around Oct and have used it for many gigs as a mobile DJ and here it is Jun of This has been an excellent upgrade from my old GIANT portable mixer with three CD players in one of those crates weights about 70 pounds and this is so light and a true portable.

I had read other reviews about it before I purchased the mixer and also bought a Mac just to use for this mixer ONLY, which I highly recommend. The only problem I have had is one time and only once so far the mixer program locked up which was stated in other reviews. Others recommend a seperate power source for your mixer instead of using the USB port to power your mixer from your computer. Because you have to pull the plug on everything and do a restart.

So get the power adapter for this, trust me. Its item DC9US, the power supply for the Vestax mixer, I forget the cost but its a must have item.

Vestax vci 300 driver

Easy To Use,Professional Features,Excellent Sound ITS GREAT , JUST ALIL HARD TO GET USE TO BUT ONCE YOU GET IT , IT MAKES DEEJAYING SO EASY. Versatile,Easy to use,Excellent Sound,Portable Cons: Limited Features I have had the VCI for about 3 months now and it never ceases to impress me. The set up is as simple as it gets just plug and play and the software makes controlling everything effortless Macbook Pro.

I do recommend getting the external power supply just incase the software locks up on you and you have to reset everything, but overall in this is a great product for those just starting out and for those who have been doing music for awhile. Simple Layout,Light Packing,Clear Sound,Professional Functions Cons: Too Small,No Case Yet The VCI and Serato Itch are a good fit for each other. Itch automatically reads Scratchlive Crates and iTunes playlists for easy file managment. It also has a very nice GUI that is easy to see and navigate.

The balanced outputs allow it to go right into a powered amp or powered speakers without a DI box for clear sound. The only downside to the VCI is that it is very compact. Almost too compact for comfortable scratching. Excellent Sound,Versatile,Professional Features,Easy To Use Cons: It was so easy, I was able to self teach the basics, and used it in a live performance!!

Of course, I hope there will be a useable case to protect this unit, because I work at least twice a week in mobile gigs. In comparison to the VCI, which I also own, the response is much better, the unit is heavier and the adjustments are pretty tight.

Consistent,Easy To Use,Excellent Sound good unit.. Professional Features,Easy To Use,Excellent Sound Pros: I would still recommend using an additional mixer, this is for the Mic and the headphones. Miami DJ Works good for my Small shows. Limited Features I run it off a APPLE which I restart before any show.. In fact we did a gig a Dolphin Stadium and we were using the Vestax with ITCH and had Final Cut Pro open transferring video to a Hard drive at the same time!

I normally bring this to club with really bad equipment but for BIG gigs I still use my turntables with Scratch Live just looks better. The things that bother me are the pitch control is kindaa weird and the mic but both are software issues I am sure they can fix. The GUY who bought the Vestax thinggy.

Vestax vci 300 driver

Not Consistent For all those people who are having freezing issues, please visit the Itch site and download the new version of the software. This should remedy all the problems people "say" they are having. Support for this unit is very good despite how others say it is bad. Easy To Use,Quick Response,Great for power mixing Cons: Delay when running aux in,Delay with mic I enjoy the quick set up associated with the Vestax I have already used it for a couple of club gigs, private parties and weddings.

I actually used it at one party with several record reps and they were amazed with what the controller could do. I love the fact the it is so easy to mix with and ITCH is pretty much the same as Scratch Live, expect for the sample players. My main concern is the delay when I use the mic. It can be fixed by lowering the USB buffer size but then you put more of a load on your laptop. I also ran a separate system into the aux input for another DJ and there was a delay with the second system.

Also at a recent wedding the mic started giving my voice a strange gargled effect and I ended up having to plug the mic straight into a powered speaker. As far as durability only time will tell, I take care of it just like I do my laptop so it should last a long time. Easy To Install,Portable,Fast Used for my Mobile DJ. Fits in my Backpack right next to my laptop. Great response, great campatibility. Id buy it again, maybe in a diffrent color!! No latency,Professional Features,Excellent Sound Cons: Poor performance with AMD scratching capability great combination of mixer and tables all in one, very portable, package.

So So Controller with Go Go Features. Versatile,Easy Install and Setup,Cross Compatible with SSL,Easy To Use Cons: Becoming Digi-Scratcher,Auxilary functions,No Open assign buttons Despite some negative reviews, the overall package is great! BIG PLUS - Simpler, larger and more effective library list. Hardware froze once thought the bad stock was cleared??.. I would waiver on playing BIG gigs simply because of hardware related features. For traveling and house parties, its perfect. The girls love the blinking lights, color keyboard cover and matching black MacBook!!

But tell them they can buy it through PSSL! Clear Sound,Professional Functions Cons: M-audio still has more features and it never shuts down. When they say if your computer crashes I have a MacBook and its a work horse! I was doing a gig at the House of Blues and when I was using Serato it crashed. But I now us M-audio Xponent and it never has given me problems. Come on ur trying to compare Serato with the company who produces Pro-Tools.

Easy To Use,Excellent Sound Cons: HARDWARE FREEZES UP I may have posted in haste the first time. The unit froze up twice in one gig. It is very easy to use and navigate, but if you are going to consider this purchase, you might want to wait for the bugs to get worked out. I am officially retracting my endorsement of this product: I read the other reviews about the Vestax freezing up on people but I still decided to go agead an purchase it.

Luckily I still lugged my turntables in and was able to set up a back up system but probably lost some clients do to this. Versatile,Excellent Sound,Professional Features,Easy To Use Cons: People where yelling kill the DJ "not good" for my business. Versatile,Easy To Use,Professional Features Cons: Proffessional DJ does not reccommend. Freezes Often Since receiving the long awaited VCI the unit continually freezes.

I recommend waiting until Vestax figures out the problem and comes back to the market with a quality product for this price. Wears Over Time,Limited Features,Not Consistant I no longer recommend this product! The left deck freezes, sensor switch at the rear has fallen out see picture , and the left wheel locks unpredictably! Now I have no control of the "over-sensitive" left wheel.

I will also add that the unit fresh out of the box already had a noticeable loose left wheel compared to the right wheel. Wears Over Time,Limited Features,Poor Quality Sound,Not Consistent HORRIBLE I ve had this equipment for 5 months and had to send in for repairs twice. Vestax does not help, they keep sending me to a local repair shop who takes a month to repair.

As far as the itch software I love just keep running the program from the disk and do not update with new version cause its down hill from there. I purchased a unit from PSSL and it was defective. PSSL refused to let me return the unit.

So beware when ordering anything cause the 30 day return policy is false. I was forced to try and deal directly with Vestax in order to try and get a replacement which does not help when vestax was out of units. Sign up for exclusive Deal Alerts:. Connect with us on our Social Networks:.

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